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1. Hotel Operations

The Group currently operates five leased accommodation branches. The five branches are located at Nanshan District and Baoan District in Shenzhen, in Huizhou city, Chengdu city and Wuhan

city of the People’s Republic of China respectively. These branches have 648 rooms in total. In addition, certain green renovations of the branches have been completed in order to attract more guests and boost the revenue of the Group. Find out more about the Group’s hotels.

Nanshan Hotel.jpg

Welcome Inn Nanshan

Welcome Inn Nanshan is situated near the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor and the Shekou Port. It has five floors and a total GFA of approximately 7,000 sq.m, comprising 189 rooms. The project is located just beside the subway exit of Nanshan Station of Shenzhen Metro Line No. 11 and it takes approximately 30 minutes to travel from Nanshan Branch to the airport. Also, Nanshan Branch is in the proximity of the Coastal City Commercial Area, Shenzhen Book Mall (Nanshan), Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre Stadium and theme parks such as the Window of the World, Overseas Chinese Town Harbour and the Sea World.

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Baoan Hotel.jpg

Welcome Inn Baoan

Welcome Inn Baoan has four floors and a total GFA of approximately

1,700 sq.m, comprising 46 rooms. Surrounded by busy commercial

streets and pedestrian streets, the accommodation project is located

at the central area of administration, culture, sport, commerce and

entertainment in the Baoan District, “a core district of the Bay Area”,

and is within close proximity of Haiya Mega Mall, a famous commercial center in Shenzhen, and Bao’an Sports Center, the largest gymnasium in Shenzhen where the 2011 Summer Universiade was held. It is a 20-minute drive from the Baoan International Airport, and takes within 10 minutes walk from the Coach Terminal, the Xixiang Pier, and Lingzhi Station of Shenzhen Metro Line 5 (near Lingzhi Park). It has convenient access to efficient road, sea and air transportation.

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Huizhou Hotel.jpg

Hazens East Resort

Hazens East Resort is situated at Xunliaowan of Huizhou, which is easily accessible as Huizhou is located near the Pearl River Delta neighbouring Shenzhen and Hong Kong with direct flights to other cities in China. Xunliaowan offers our guests opportunities to enjoy a beach vacation in the region, become a beach bum, spend their days lazing on the sand and take in the sun followed by a dip in the clear waters. Also, with both historic scenic spots and the coast along the Pacific Ocean, Huizhou attracts domestic and foreign tourists to spend their holiday in the region.

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Chengdu Wuhan photos 1.jpg

Chengdu Hotel

Chengdu Hotel is situated near Tianfu Square. It has two floors and a total GFA of approximately 7,600 sq.m. As located at the heart of Chengdu, Tianfu Square is a representative landmark, which is not only the economic, cultural, and commercial center of Chengdu, but also a strategically important transportation hub. Adjacent to famous tourist sites, including People’s Park, Wuhou Shrine, Kuanzhai Alley, Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street, and the millennium ancient temple Daci Temple, the Chengdu branch gains full access to the golden business district of Tianfu Square, while overlooking Sichuan Provincial Library, Chengdu Museum, Tianfu Square, and other new landmarks in the city. Due to easily accessible transport services, accommodation guests can reach tourist attractions by express shuttle buses or multiple bus routes nearby the branch. It takes one minute walk to reach at Metro Lines 1 and 2 (Tianfu Square Station), and approximately five minutes walk to reach the airport bus stop. In addition, drives from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu East Railway Station and Chengdu South Railway Station take within 30 minutes. Furthermore, the branch is in close proximity to various gourmet food restaurants.

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Chengdu Wuhan photos 2.png

Wuhan Hotel

Wuhan Hotel is located at the intersection of Lingyun Road and Lingkonggang Avenue in Municipal East-West Lake Lingkonggang Economic Development Zone, the Wuhan Branch has five floors and a total GFA of approximately 9,000 sq.m. It is adjacent to East-West Lake Five-Ring Sports Center

and the new district government building. It is also close to the East-West Lake Eco-tourism Zone, Matoutan Cultural Heritage Park, Xiehe East- West Lake Hospital and Huangshihai Park. It is within 9 minutes drive to Sandian Metro Station and Matoutan Metro Station. It is 200 meters away from the bus station of Lingyun Road East, 21 kilometers away from Wuhan Tianhe Airport and 15 kilometers away from Hankou Railway

Station, which makes it very convenient to travel around.

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2. Accommodation Consultancy and Management Services

The Group dedicates to provide professional accommodation investment and consultations services, which include performing market research and investment feasibility analysis, provision of accommodation construction and design consultations services, accommodation pre-commencement, opening and construction management services,  accommodation operation management services, accommodation revamps consultations services and delivery of corporate training, to all owners, investors, and accommodation operation managers who provide accommodation services. The Group provides a wide range of services, of which the consultations and recommendations can be made on hotels, guesthouses, hostels, inns, motels, service apartments, elderly apartments, homestays, holiday homes, boarding rooms, dormitories, staff quarters or other similar accommodation venues.

3. Franchise Co-operation Management Services

Authorized to use the Group’s own brand as the cooperative brand, the franchise project are provided with the right to use the brand, marketing channels, operational support, training, supervision on on-site construction and technical support and maintenance services, which are in line with the unified standard on a brand revamp and preparation process, unified brand promotion, unified marketing, and management system, unified quality management and service specifications of the chained hotels.

4. Accommodation Outsourcing Management Services

The Group provides third-party accommodation outsourcing management services for residences, hotels, guesthouses, hostels, inns, motels, service apartments, elderly apartments, homestays, holiday homes, boarding rooms, dormitories, staff quarters or other similar accommodation venues. Services include a complete set of outsourcing services such as cleaning services during pre-commencement or early stage of operation, guest rooms preparation work, daily cleaning services, guest rooms inventory supply management services, and quality management services for residences, dormitories, and other commercial accommodation projects. With reference to the existing mode of management for individual customers or corporate clients, the Group can also tailor specific proposals to carry out work from personnel management, quality management, service management, and other aspects to improve service quality for customers. 


5. Other Business

Other than the hotel operations business, the Group also explore opportunities in different fields. The Group successfully obtained a money lender license in 2017 and has been involved in the money lending business since then. The Group also looks forward to establishing a presence in the blue ocean of big health such as elderly care services with medical and healthcare supports in order to diversify a business portfolio and to realize synergies of different business segments.

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